Sunday, July 19, 2009

Episode 10

Here and Now: Civ:Rev, L5R, Harbor Master, Enviro-bear 2000, Archon, Street Fighter 4, Race for The Galaxy: Rebels v. Imperium

Today's Topic: Game Choices at Gen Con
Race for the Galaxy, AT-43, Uncharted Seas, Le Havre, Automobile, Diablo 3(Hopefully), Star Wars: The Old Republic, Dragon Age

Gen Con To Do List:
Auction - Pick up some unique games and history.
Art Showcase
Asian Films: Some of it requires to be 18 and older.
True Dungeon
Water Bottle - Stay Hydrated.
Cooler - Fill it up with food. Big cost savings.
Don’t bring all of your games.
Comfortable Shoes
Mall is next door to take a break. Freak out the mall rats.

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Sunday, July 12, 2009

What's In A Game? Ep2

In the second episode, Jon and John cover Roguelike games. We take the time machine back to 1984 to talk about playing Rogue on a local university Unix system. Monsters are only limited by the number of letters in the alphabet. Nethack takes Rogue to the third power. Diablo moves away from ASCII to color graphics. We make it through the podcast before the Sysload reaches 3.

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"Died of hypothermia with 564 gold. Press SPACE to see the graveyard."

Monday, July 6, 2009

Episode 9

Here and Now: L4D, Stone Age, Race for the Galaxy, Brass, Struggle of Empires, Let’s Tap

Today's Topic: Game Awards - Does an award matter in deciding to pick up a game. How important is the “Best of” sticker on a game?

Arctic Scavengers contest winner is announced. Thanks to all who sent in their submissions.

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