Monday, April 27, 2009

Episode 4

Here and Now: Race for the Galaxy, GTA: CW, Rhythm Heaven, Persona 3: FES, Red Dragon Inn, Ticket to Ride: Dice

Just a generic walk down memory lane, discussing what games/systems one really enjoyed, and why.

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  1. Great episode, guys! You know, it really took me back to remember some classics. There were some things I remembered in particular;

    Marathon - an early FPS on the Mac
    Syndicate - another Mac game with cyborg criminals
    Moon Patrol - On my old green screen machine Apple IIe
    Bard's Tale - Scouring Skara Brae on the another old Apple machine

    A lot of my old school gaming was computer based, from coding Hunt The Wumpus on a TI-80 to failing out of grad school due to Civilization II on my Mac. :)

  2. I loved all of those but Marathon. Never got into it.

    -I'll have to play the song 'Moon Patrol' for you sometime, by an old ska-punk band